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Analyzing The Global Impact On Australia’s Tourism And Beyond

Ticket sales for the FIFA Women’s World Cup matches are generating significant economic benefits for Australia. A win tonight will likely increase these figures. Tourism Australia’s new Holiday Highlights campaign shows international audiences tuning into the tournament the breadth of unique travel destinations and experiences on offer in Australia. The campaign will run in key international markets.

1. Increased Demand For Travel And Experiences

As football draws an immense global following, it transcends borders and unites nations in a shared love for the game. As a result, it also creates a surge in demand for travel and experiences. As the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off tonight, Australians are gearing up for a massive surge in domestic and international flight bookings. In fact, the tournament has already generated a $7.6 billion economic boost for the country’s retail and tourism industries.

Managing director of Tourism Australia Phillipa Harrison says the first Southern Hemisphere World Cup being held in Australia presents a unique opportunity for the nation to showcase its best destinations and culture to international audiences. In doing so, they hope to encourage fans from around the world to go beyond the stadiums and sporting matches.

2. Increased Investments In Infrastructure

Hosting a major sporting event guarantees an influx of visitors, and with it comes significant economic activity. From hospitality workers catering to the crowds to construction and renovation of stadiums, hosting a FIFA tournament brings in big bucks. Australia has a lot to offer international football fans, from iconic destinations like Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef to friendly locals with a warm welcome. Tourism Australia is launching a new special instalment of its global Come and Say G’day campaign today to showcase the country’s unique travel destinations and experiences to international audiences tuning into this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup matches, to know more click here footyroom.co/articles/fifas-global-impact-on-australia-and-its-tourism-654bb501f6cd5002862eb306.

With the tournament’s official kick-off just days away, ticket sales have surpassed expectations. Flight and hotel prices around Sydney and Melbourne have remained relatively stable, according to travel platform Kayak.

3. Increased Economic Activity

The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off this week and is expected to provide a much-needed boost to tourism in Australia and New Zealand. With pent-up demand for travel following years of lockdowns and stunted tourism, the tournament is forecast to deliver significant economic benefits to both nations.

In addition, international research demonstrates that national team performance in the FIFA World Cup positively impacts tourism. For example, Koc (2005) finds that Turkey’s impressive performance in the 2002 World Cup created awareness and interest in the country as a location for football teams to hold training camps and friendship tournaments. From the hospitality staff that caters to the influx of visitors, to construction workers that build the stadiums, hosting big-ticket events has a substantial impact on local economies.

4. Increased Job Opportunities

Hosting major international sporting events, such as the World Cup, guarantees a surge in tourism. This results in a huge demand for jobs, from hospitality workers to construction workers and more. This in turn boosts the economy. However, it’s important to remember that this spike in tourism is only temporary. As soon as the event ends, tourism returns to its previous levels.

Several large companies, such as Qantas and Air New Zealand, have benefitted from the increase in tourism demand, with boosted revenues. Small businesses also profit from this influx of tourists, including food vendors and souvenir shops.

5. Increased Cultural Exchange

Hosting major events like the World Cup fosters cultural exchange by bringing together people from around the world and building bridges between nations. These connections can lead to strengthened diplomatic ties and global goodwill. As Australia gears up for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Tourism Australia is launching a new campaign that showcases the country’s unique travel destinations and experiences. The campaign will feature a distinctive character, Ruby, and iconic Australian destinations such as Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef.

In addition to showcasing the nation’s natural beauty, the campaign will also highlight the country’s friendly culture and welcoming hospitality. It will encourage international audiences to go beyond the stadiums and watch the games, and experience a deeper connection to Australia. The campaign will run on television, digital, and social channels in key international markets.


The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is coming at a great time for the Australian tourism industry. International visitor arrivals are still well below pre-pandemic levels. With pent-up demand for travel and a strong desire to witness sporting events, the tournament is expected to boost both Australia and New Zealand’s economies.

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